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Das Grüne Herz Europas ist Projektpartner des transnationalen CE-Projektes "3Lynx" und hier wichtiger österreichischer Akteur mit Jahrzehnte langer Erfahrung
im Bereich Luchsforschung & Luchsmonitoring in der böhmisch-bayerisch-österreichischen Luchspopulation im Großökosystem Böhmerwald.



Project 3Lynx

Duration: 7/2017 – 6/2020

Financial resources: ERDF, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Program: Interreg Central Europe

Budget total: 2.318.784 €
Our budget: 89.082,50 
€ (ERDF co-financing: 71.266 €, our co-financing: 17.816,50 €)

Official website: www.interreg-central.eu/3Lynx

Lead partner: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic


Šumava National park Administration
Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic
ALKA Wildlife o.p.s
Bavarian environmental agency
World Wide Fund for Nature Germany
Government of Upper Austria
Green Heart of Europe
Slovenia Forest Service
Italian Lynx Project
Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
Associated partner: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 

The return and recovery of the population of Eurasian Lynx is an attempt by many European states, including the Czech Republic (chose your country). Eurasian Lynx needs
large areas to live, their populations often migrate and cross the borders of several states. In order to protect these beautiful predators, it is therefore necessary to have
comprehensive information about their lives from the entire area of the population and, accordingly, to unify conservation efforts in all countries. However, much more needs to
be done to ensure the long-term survival of the features, to halt illegal hunting, to reduce the fragmentation of the landscape and to try to remedy this situation. Equally important
is the effort to ensure good cooperation and communication between all stakeholders, from conservationists to foresters and hunters, the general public to government and

The aim of the 3lynx project is to coordinate the monitoring of the occurrence of Euroasian Lynx in three isolated populations that are occur by several states. Comparable data
collection and fast sharing is a prerequisite for effective species protection. The next step will be the approval of an international strategy for the protection of the
Czech-Bavarian-Austrian population and the preparation of documents for a similar strategy in the other two areas.


Project aims

- Improving the international cooperation of individual interest groups (state conservation of nature, hunters, foresters, non-profit organizations, scientists) in the protection of the
Czech-Bavarian-Austrian, Alpine and Dinar populations

- Develop of a common strategy for the protection of lynx population in the Czech-Bavarian-Austrian region 

- Set up complex monitoring of the lynx  in central Europe

- Exchange of data between partner organizations to improve the protection of lynx

Project content

In order to improve the international cooperation of all partners, a number of workshops will be held to assess the involvement of key stakeholders (hunters and foresters) in the
conservation of lynx, to analyze information on the status of lynx populations and to develop tools to analyze these data, a series of discussion meetings and workshops on
poaching and protection issues in general. Continuously, strategies for the protection of lynx will be developed in cooperation with all partners.

Lynx populations will be monitored in two cross-border regions (Czech Republic - Germany - Austria and Slovenia - Italy - Croatia) using a camera trap network and snow tracing
in the winter. Genetic samples will be collected to detect genetic variability of populations, telemetry monitoring of individuals will be carried out. Within the framework of the
awareness campaign, a joint international "Lynx Day" will be organized, bringing together a wide range of public activities (lectures, films, children's program, etc.), publishing and
distribution of attractive brochures about lynx protection; facebook presentations, press releases, reports, and journal articles.

The project will also support the investigation of illegal killing of lynx - caught lynx will carry out an autopsy and possibly further analysis, the case will be solved with the police and
maximally medialized.


Thomas Engleder, Mag.rer.nat.


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